OTT platform has come up with various movies which depict the day-to-day life of a person and their thought process. South movies are hitting OTT platforms which makes it easier for everyone to watch movies. Before the pandemic, if we have to watch movies, we have to go out to Cinema halls, but now everything is online. Even watching the latest movies is easy. Telugu movies nowadays are top-rated. Love for these movies is not only seen in the south, but the whole of India welcomes it. People can watch movies online. Telugu movies always come up with a wide range of concepts that everyone loves to watch. For viewers, the Telugu industry has put up two great movies on Introvert people and extrovert people, from which one is ANDROID KATTAPPA, and the other is FORENSIC. Both of these movies are loved by the public at large.


Android Kattappa is the Telugu dubbed of Mollywood movie Android Kunjappan Version 5.25. RatheeshBalakrishnanPoduval is a knowledge-driven and short movie that shows the relation and affection between a human and an Artificial Intelligence Humanoid Robot.


The story depicts the stubborn father named BhaskaraPoduval (SurajVenjaramoodu), who is afraid of dying alone. Due to this fear, he asked his son named Subramanian (SoubinShahir), to quit every job whichever he gets to live with him during his last days, but he was forced to work due to lack of money in Russia in some Japanese Company.

There he met a Japanese girl named HITOMI (played by KendyZirdo), who introduced him to AI Humanoid Robot. Subramanian thought that the robot would be good to take off his old father. During his early days, Bhaskara gets hesitant while using robots, but later a special bond develops between these two. He finds his comfort within the arms of the robot and names him Kattappa.

This movie shows that no doubt science can stand at the foot of humans, but nothing can be compared between the relations of two humans when it comes to emotions.


Forensic is a Malayalam movie that was released in 2020 on 28th February. Forensic is a crime-based movie that is also a thriller mystery from the starting to the end. This movie is directed by Akil Paul and Anas Khan, one of the well-known Malayalam directors. The movie hits many small screens, and big screens, one of them was Netflix, Aha TV.

“FORENSIC” movie starts with a boy and a father sitting in a meat shop. The boy used to smuggle the bodies and heads of some animals in the jar and hide it under the bed. Father one day caught this and beat him. When the boy grew up, he murdered his father, and from here, the 2nd scene began. The second scene is the present scene which shows that there was a murder held in the Trivandrum, and officer Ritika is suspects the serial killer. The movie goes on like this, which includes many characters and different roles, which makes it a deadly mystery.

Telugu movies get love from all over the world. Telugu moviesare best known for their 1$ Million clubs in the US market. Watching movies online is another level of fun. It helps us survive through the pandemic times, especially the super hit Telugu movies that came up. Some of them were mind-blowing that took over the vast market share of Bollywood ones. Tollywood is no less compared to Bollywood and Hollywood. Based on the recent surveys, Telugu movies are the most liked ones as they are getting love everywhere. The storylines that Telugu movies exhibit are just stealing our hearts.